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Audio Memoirs & Autobiography Services- My Life on DVD

We are all on our own unique journey, each filled with personal experience, events, memories, friends, careers, school days, children, marriage, mentors and more. My Life on DVD captures the entire lifestory of the person being featured in the form of a Audio Memoir, or Autobiography Video.

Veteran media producer Anthony Reece, will archive the life-story of you, or a loved one creating a professionally produced Audio Memoir, or Autobiography DVD. The best part is the ability to Self-Record Online in the privacy of your home, patient care facility, office, or anywhere worldwide.

This personal memoir production service is perfect for a family member, spouse, friend, life partner, parent, grandparent, or retiree. The service is also a excellent way to capture the memories for anyone with early stage Alzheimers, or if facing a terminal illness.

My Life on DVD Offers Three Audio Memoir, and Autobiography Plans.
1) Audio Memoir CD: This is our fully custom, personalized Audio Memoir Service offering you the ability to record online, OR have Anthony Reece record you in-person.
2) Autobiography Video: This is a custom, personal Autobiography Video Service produced to include personal photos, images, supplied video footage, music, narration and even the ability to request in-person video interview with Anthony Reece, or the option to self-record your own video interview of the person at home.
3) Online Self-Record Memoir: This is our basic and standard Self-Recording Service offering you the ability to self-record online, then request a "voice only memoir", OR our "basic audio memoir" consisting of your voice, music and professional narrations.

All THREE memoir plans include our Online Self-Record Tool.

My Life on DVD also produces funeral slideshows, retirement videos, graduation videos, scouting videos, and more. Contact Anthony Reece for a FREE CONSULTATION TODAY.

Personal Message from Anthony Reece: Hello! It would be my honor to offer you and/or your family my unique Autobiograpahy Video, and Audio Memoir services for your family. Thank you in advance for the opportunity to archive the lifestory of your loved one, or yourself. It was my personal experience recording my own Fathers Audio Memoir in 2003, that inspired me to offer everyone this precious Autobiography and Audio Memoir production service. I can not begin to share how valuable this keepsake is now for my entire family, giving us the ability to hear our Fathers voice and personal memories anytime we desire. His Audio Memoir offers us his 79 years of wisdom, and fatherly advice which is a true blessing. I look forward to archiving a lifestory for you too soon!

* Meet Producer Anthony Reece

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