Personal Audio Memoir or Autobiography The Gift of a Lifetime

Talk about the perfect holiday gift idea. Everyone is on a unique journey, filled with personal experience, events, memories, friends, careers, school days, children, marriage, mentors and more. My Life on DVD records and captures the entire lifestory of any person in the form of a Audio Memoir, or Autobiography Video.

Our director Anthony Reece, records and produces the life-story of your loved one, or yourself. This service is perfect for a family member, spouse, friend, life partner, parent, grandparent, or retiree. The service is also great for anyone with early stage Alzheimers, or facing a terminal illness as a way of recording and saving precious memories, which may be lost forever.

My Life on DVD offers two basic plans. First a personlized Audio Memoir Service, and second a personal Autobiography Video DVD Service. Both include audio and/or video interviews, music, narration, and images. These two memoir recording services, can be recorded LIVE in-person, or in-private with the featured person at home, on video, or by telephone.

Created similar to a broadcast documentary, our Audio Memoir plan and Video Autobiography plan are professionally produced including male and/or female narration, digital music, custom and private video footage, images, photos, documents, and more. You can choose in-person recording on location in Colorado, or self-recording with the help of Anthony Reece.

My Life on DVD also produces custom funeral and memorial slideshows, retirement party videos, graduation videos, wedding aniversary videos and more. Ask for a free consultation for memoir services.

My Life on DVD makes a special gift too. We will record, and archive the ENTIRE life-story of a grandparent, parent, spouse, life partner, sibling, loved one, best friend, retiree, or even yourself. Our Audio Memoir and Autobiography DVD service is the perfect holiday, birthday, or retirement gift for anyone. Talk about a true gift of a lifetime!

My Life on DVD is professionally produced by Anthony Reece a veteran voice casting director, media producer and voice actor. The final product is a Documentary Style Autobiography on DVD, or Audio Memoir on CD. This family keepsake and heirloom is created using live video footage, family footage, personal photos, and memories from the featured person in their own words.

Review the My Life on DVD Process, and you'll soon agree this is a precious lifetime keepsake. Request free details by telephone today.

Message from Mr Reece... Welcome, it would be my honor to offer you and/or your family my unique Autobiography DVD and Audio Memoir service. Thank you in advance for the opportunity to archive the lifestory of your loved one, or yourself.

It was my own personal experience recording my Fathers Audio Memoir, which inspired me to offer other families this precious Autobiography and Audio Memoir production service.

I can not share how valuable this keepsake is to my family today, after the passing of my Father in 2005. Having the ability to hear his voice and listen to his memories with my kids and his grandchildren is very moving. Playing his Audio Memoir CD and offering his 79 years of wisdom, fatherly advice and lifestory is a true blessing. I look forward to archiving a lifestory for you soon!

- Meet Director Anthony Reece

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